Tuesday, December 6, 2016

End of Year Update

Happy Holidays everyone!

I hope that this season finds everyone in good cheer, what a year it has been. I'm going to break down simply what my current thoughts are as far as the live streaming broadcast in particular, as well as Indie Spotlight in general.

First let's talk about the live streaming broadcast. I did one last night and found that even with no traffic I still enjoy doing this. The only real reason that I didn't see any traffic at the live show was because I haven't been consistent with my dates, times, or even if I do a live show at all. If I'm going to continue to do this I need to pick a date and time, and stick with it. My other option as I mentioned before is to go all in with awdio.com and just do the podcast format. I can even play the show live over there and it'll still archive afterwards.

I think I might be making my final show move very soon. Besides most, if not everyone checking out Indie Spotlight these days are checking it out on our channel on awdio anyway.

Now, let's talk about Indie Spotlight, the brand in general. I'll continue to post videos daily on the Facebook page (which cross posts onto Twitter) so please like and share. Social media is working as far as people getting to see these musicians and getting the music some exposure. I wish I had thought of this a long time ago.

So, as long as there is an interest, Indie Spotlight will live on!

Have a safe Holiday season everyone!

Tuesday, October 25, 2016

And a Year Later...

Facebook has this interesting feature, called "On This Day" and on it was a link to a blog post I made last year.

It's right here for anyone who is interested http://riskybusiness04.blogspot.com/2015/10/the-past-present-and-future-of-indie.html

Obviously I went camup.tv, and I have to be honest, because of my work schedule and lack of involvement in other shows on there, well, this week I didn't have anybody even stop by the live chat. This has been typical of our shows over there, outside of one or two former regulars who hung out in chat on the other broadcasting platforms, I really haven't seen any interest in the show at all on there except for the folks running the site, we were featured twice the other night and yet, nobody roaming into the chat which tells me that despite the promotion by the people running the site, nobody wanted to check out the show.

In the mean time, I have spent more time on the Indie Spotlight Facebook page and I have to be straight up with you folks, this is where the future is as far as Indie Spotlight goes.

For those that might not know, every day I share a video featuring a musician playing music, most of the time it's an original although there are covers as well.

Over the next several month's, I will be transitioning from the live streaming format, to either possibly a podcast on awdio, or the Facebook page exclusively.

Indie Spotlight is getting either 2 or none as far as live show listeners/viewers. I could spend time on that aspect of our online presence, or do what is working, which is work social media and promote the musicians that way.

So here is the deal, I will continue to do the live show until the end of the year, and hope like hell our statistics go up, and at the same time get ready for plan B.

What is Plan B? Go the podcast route on awdio.com, forget the live streaming format because nobody is checking it out anyway, and spend time on our social media presence and use that to promote the musicians.

Look, I love camup, there are really great folks over there, but I also have to wonder if the live streaming format, at least as far as Indie Spotlight goes, has jumped the shark.

I think it has, time to try something else.

Friday, October 21, 2016

October 2016 Update

Just so everyone knows I update the Facebook page more frequently than I do this blog.


On there you'll find a new video everyday featuring an indie musician, as well as dates and times for the live streaming broadcast.

Because of my work schedule, I haven't been able to stick with a "regular" date and time for the live show. To be honest I'm considering transitioning away from the live streaming broadcast and focusing on the Indie Spotlight presence on social media, and going to an all podcast format.

Anywho, there's your update, see ya next month Bloggers!

Thursday, August 25, 2016

Bringing Indie Spotlight Live Back? How 'bout This

I've been toying with the bringing back the regular broadcast back for a while now and just might do so. The trick is deciding on a date and time, see historically I've broadcast on Sunday nights (with the occasional flirtation with Monday) and in the post blogtv era the people wandering in have been, well, occasional.

So.... I need to decide on a different day and time for the show, will let you folks know so stay tuned.

In the meantime please like our Facebook page, I share videos featuring independent musicians every day!


In other news, with a VERY interesting election cycle upon us I've been also considering a talk show similar to what I did back in 2008, if nothing else as a place to blow off steam. It would have to be on a platform similar to blogtalkradio so that people could call in, it's pretty boring without the interaction. Using blogtalkradio is a non-starter since they now charge for longer shows and primetime, it's not worth all that, sorry no thanks.

Show name, date and time TBD.

Thursday, June 23, 2016

So I Made a Poll on Facebook

Sad to say but about what I expected, no votes on the actual question and interaction with only one person

Jack Simpson created a poll in Indie Spotlight Live.
I've decided to bring back the live broadcast, one more time. I'm thinking that a different night would be more beneficial for the show as well as make it easier to work around my work schedule. Select a day below as well as any thoughts you might have.
    Remain on Sunday night
                Saturday (would be a later time due to my work schedule)
                Bruce Goodwin Quit your day job........
                LikeReply15 hrs
                Bruce Goodwin What time on Saturday?
                LikeReply15 hrs
                Bruce Goodwin Sunday but around 8
                LikeReply15 hrs
                Jack Simpson I usually work late on Saturdays so it would be a later than usual start, most likely 11. Earlier on Sunday would be a possibility except for the same problem (work!) so it would remain at the same start time for now. Another idea is one I've done before, but it takes a lot more work, would be to do multiple shows per week, and try to start one of them earlier.
                LikeReply1 hr
                Jack Simpson Whatever I decide I'll give it a 3 month trial because that's how long my xplit subscription would last before it has to be renewed ($15 every 3 months) and go from there. Another possibility would be to just podcast it and let people listen on demand.

                So blog readers I guess I'll leave this one for you all, any thoughts?