Saturday, July 26, 2014

Returning to on Sunday Nights

Hi everyone.

I've decided to move back to the page I created on for the Sunday night show.

Since the Flash Media Encoder records the show, and I can play the file on iVlog using Splitcam I can rebroadcast it on iVlog at another time.

Not giving up on iVlog by any means, I just need to pick a different night to broadcast there and this will give me the flexibility to do just that, at the same time while I'm looking at the prospect of doing 2 shows a week, at least one of them will be a simple matter of hitting "play".

So, yes, going back home tomorrow at

As long as I remember how to configure the encoder and the player :)

Hope to see everyone there.

Glad I went with my gut and kept the page up.

Friday, July 25, 2014

July Update

Hey everyone.  Been a while since I've put my thoughts down in a blog, hope I'm not out of practice lol.

We launched on iVlog several weeks ago. I'm finding that the Sunday night time slot might be work so well over there, while there aren't many people using iVlog yet I'm running up against some heavy hitter shows, such as game night as well as other popular iVlog'ers. Nothing wrong with that of course, I came late to the party anyway but for the show to be successful on iVlog I think I need to pick a different night to broadcast on there.

At the same time, long time regulars are either (a) having trouble getting to the show on iVlog or (b) have other reasons to not visit the show over there. I've asked on FB and have gotten an variety of different reasons as to why I don't see many familiar faces when I broadcast there.

So, this is what I'm thinking..........

Returning to using the page on Sunday nights, saving the file and rebroadcasting it on iVlog on another night, most likely to be picked at random until I see some traffic at the show where I can pick a solid night and stick with it.

At this point this is the direction I'm thinking of going in, after the blogtv shutdown I had some die hard regulars that stuck with us, sadly I haven't seen many of them on iVlog so I need to do the best thing I can for them, as well as the show.

Friday, July 11, 2014

Calling All Musicians!

Looking for Creative Commons Licensed music videos to share on my broadcast, the catch is that it has to be CC licensed, be original and you can't be listed with a performance rights society.

Interested?  Message me via!

Sunday, June 29, 2014

Computer Update

Well, kinda good news. They confirmed my issue with the new computer and it was covered under warranty. As I suspected it was an issue with the memory.

The bad? I don't expect to have the machine back in time for Sunday's show so while I can try a broadcast with my laptop past experience has told me that it's not going to go well so I don't know if I'm even gonna bother.

I'm thinking I might have to bag this week's show on iVlog.


I'll be able to do the next one without worrying about a computer crash!

Thursday, June 26, 2014

More Computer Problems...

Hopefully I can get this straightened out before Sunday but right now it's not looking good. My brand new (just bought last November) computer crashed. I think it's some kind of defect but whatever the case may be its not looking good for a show on Sunday.

Grrr, I bought a new computer just so I wouldn't have to go through this shit anymore.

Friday, June 20, 2014

Ready For Prime Time!

Sorry for the short notice, but I've decided that this week will be our premier on iVlog!

Join us starting at 9 pm (eastern) this Sunday night

Indie Spotlight Live on

Now that my personal life is starting to settle down I'll have more time to focus on the broadcast (woohoo!)


Show update;

See above.  Also note that I will continue to keep my page online to do the occasional show for the musicians that I won't be including in the rotation for the show on iVlog

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Official "Jack" Update

I've recently stepped down from the promotion that I took last fall, mostly because I was over my head with it as well as the fact that it was taking me away from certain things in my personal life and my life online.

So let this post serve as the official "I'm back" update as well as my apology to my friends online that I'm sorry that I haven't been around, but now I'll be online much more than I have been lately.

Thanks for the continued support, blog post about the future of the show coming up shortly.

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Show Update June 2014

I made it official during the show this week, sometime over the next couple of weeks we're transitioning to


As I mentioned in the video the format of the show will change but I'm planning on keeping the page on online and do the "private reserve" show that I mentioned in the video.

More details to come.......